The Best Winter Car Accessories For 2023

Published: 01-19-2023

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Driving in the harsh Michigan winter conditions can be rough on you and your car. At Honda, we want to help you have a comfortable and safe driving experience this winter, and we can help you do this with winter car accessories. If you don’t already, ensure you have the essentials, including a first-aid kit, jumper cables, and a tire iron. For winter, additional Honda car accessories should be added to make a massive difference for you and your car.

Protective Windshield Cover & De-Icer Spray in Michigan

During winter, you must constantly clear your windshield covered in rain, snow, or ice before you drive to ensure visibility. However, with a protective windshield cover, you can save time and energy and avoid possible damage to your windshield. This cover is easy to install and makes removing snow and ice easy. All you have to do is place the cover on the car before an expected snow or rainfall and remove the cover before driving, removing any snow or ice build-up. This cover can be stored in your Honda’s trunk when you aren’t using it, so you have it wherever you go! Another helpful tool is De-Icer spray, which melts the snow and ice. This spray will not harm the car’s exterior, and you can use it on any area quickly, from the mirrors to the headlights and taillights.

Snow Brush & Ice Scraper

Sometimes, you need even more intense accessories to remove the snow and ice buildup off your Honda’s windshield. These tools come in a combo or separately, but using them together is the most efficient way to remove snow and ice. These small but mighty tools make them efficient and easy to store!

Jump Starter

Michigan’s cold weather can put extra strain on your Honda’s battery. A portable jump starter is helpful because it holds a charge that can jump-start your vehicle if the battery dies. This is extremely helpful in ensuring your safety because you don’t want to be stuck somewhere in the cold, especially if it happens in a dangerous spot on the road. Beyond jump-starting your vehicle, some models of jump starters can even be used to charge your phone battery in an emergency! This accessory will allow you to drive with ease because you don’t need to worry about potential dangers when you have an accessory to fix any possible issue!

Roadside Emergency Kit

A few steps above a first-aid kit is a roadside emergency kit, which can assist you during a winter emergency. This kit is important and can put you at ease, knowing you have the tools to help if something goes wrong due to harsh weather conditions. Some valuable items the kit includes are:

  • Utility knife
  • Emergency blankets
  • Tow strap
  • Flares
  • Ponchos and gloves
  • Warning triangle
  • Flashlight
  • Winter coats
  • Portable Air Compressor

The cold Michigan winter can affect your car’s tires. The tires could lose air pressure, so a portable air compressor is a great accessory to keep in your vehicle. These compressors can inflate your tires quickly, and they are small and portable so that you can take them with you anywhere!

Side Mirror Covers

Side mirror covers are essential when driving because, without them, your mirrors will likely be blocked by ice and snow, making it hard to see. The covers will prevent snow and ice buildup, allowing you to use the mirrors without worrying about losing visibility.

Factory Winter Car Accessories

Factory accessories are also beneficial during the winter. Some factory accessories to consider include:

The remote start system allows you to start your vehicle before entering it, enabling you to warm the car before entering.

An engine block heater heats the engine’s coolant and the oil and engine block, preventing the engine from being damaged from the cold, and it helps the vehicle warm quicker.

Heated seats and steering wheel allow for a more enjoyable and safe ride because you can drive safer when you feel good.

Visit Your Local Mid-Michigan Honda Dealer to Learn More

The Michigan winters can be harsh, but there is no need to worry because Honda cares. We want you to have the winter accessories necessary for a safe and comfortable drive during the winter season. Visit your local Michigan Honda dealer to learn more about winter Honda accessories for 2023!

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