Honda Unveils New Models at Chicago Auto Show

March 3rd, 2017 by

2018 Honda Odyssey
This year’s Chicago Auto Show saw some truly stellar concepts unveiled and some breathtaking models debuted, but nothing quite like Honda’s 2018 Honda Odyssey or its Project 2&4. Maybe you already knew that Honda had a reputation for pushing the envelope, but if you didn’t, you’re about to find out what exactly makes this one of the most innovative car companies in the world. Read on for the details!

The Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show has long been the hottest event at which to unveil new ideas and parade new cars, and for good reason: It’s the largest car show in North America and, having been around since 1901, it’s now been held more frequently than any other show in the country. Understandably, then, most manufacturers treat the Chicago Auto Show as the place to introduce their new models, as Honda did at this year’s event.

The 2018 Honda Odyssey

True, the Honda Odyssey has already demonstrated its market power, attracting families especially with its abundant power, ample space in the cabin, range of exciting technologies to keep everybody entertained, and spectrum of reliable safety features. What’s new is that this year, Honda has taken the old Odyssey model and raised the bar once more. First of all, the Odyssey is equipped with a new beast of an engine that can grind out as much as 280 hp, yet it gives drivers unbeatable performance, too, with its 9-speed automatic transmission and an optional 10-speed transmission. At the same time, drivers will be able to look forward to a wealth of technologies, from an in-car WiFi hot spot and in-cabin camera to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and safety systems like Lane Keeping Assist and Collision Mitigation Braking.

Project 2&4

But equally exciting is Honda’s new Project 2&4 concept. A combination motorcycle/car, Project 2&4 is going to be powered by a stunning 999-cubic-centimeter motorcycle engine that will assure drivers of colossal horsepower—212, in total, as well as 87 lb-ft of torque, while boosting performance with its bike-like weight. Leave it to Honda to transform the very landscape of the auto market with something like Project 2 & 4!

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