Honda Econ Button – Find Out When to Use Honda Econ Mode

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Curious about when you should and shouldn’t press the Honda Econ Button in your fuel-efficient Honda model? We’ll cover the basics of how the Honda Econ Mode effects your vehicle when it can most enhance fuel efficiency, and when it is best to be left off. Remember– you can hit the Econ Button to turn the mode on or off as driving conditions change, that way you are sure to get the best performance out of your Honda model.

How Honda Econ Mode Works

Pressing the Honda Econ Button changes certain parameters in how your vehicles functions and reacts to changes in order to obtain the best fuel economy.

  • Throttle Response: Econ Mode adjusts your vehicle’s throttle response to help you consume less fuel when you accelerate. Econ Mode leaves your low and high-level throttle responses unaffected, impacting only your vehicle’s mid-range behavior– so you’ll only really notice a difference when you’re first attempting to accelerate on the highway from your cruising speed.
  • Shifting Behavior: Frequent up-and-down shifts can be significant drains on your fuel economy, but when you enter Econ Mode your transmission will guard against this possibility by altering its shift points. When you’re traveling in a hilly environment with cruise control activated, Econ Mode will limit unnecessary downshifts, even at the cost of speed.
  • A/C System: Air conditioning is an important convenience, but you may not realize that a cooler interior climate may cost you in terms of fuel economy. Econ Mode limits the activity of your A/C system. Your car won’t cool down as quickly on the hottest days, but you’ll save money with better fuel in the long run.
  • Fuel Injectors: Fuel injectors are what deliver gasoline to the interior of your engine so the internal combustion process can occur– this is an essential part of making power so your vehicle can move. There is a margin of fuel that needs to be injected under different circumstances to allow your vehicle to perform properly. Pressing the Econ Button reduces the fuel injected inside your engine to the lesser of the margin, which effectively helps to use less fuel.

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When NOT to Press the Honda Econ Button

Knowing when to press the Honda Econ Button is the key to maximizing your efficiency without compromising your vehicle’s performance. If you find yourself in any of the situations below it is best to leave Econ Mode turned off until the situation changes.

  • Entering the Highway: Being that Econ Mode can reduce throttle response and limit downshifting, it is best not to use this mode so your Honda model can utilize its full power in order to get up to the necessary speed.
  • Overtaking: Much like when entering the highway, when overtaking another vehicle it is best to be able to utilize the full power of the engine if needed.
  • Hilly/Steep Conditions: Whether you find yourself traversing up one steep hill or you find yourself in a very hilly region, it is best not to use the Honda Econ Mode. Being that this mode limits power and keeps the transmission from downshifting as needed, you may find that your vehicle actually loses speed and consumes more fuel on inclines with the mode on compared to off.
  • Towing: When towing anything behind your Honda, you want to be able to utilize all of the power and performance from the engine and transmission if needed. Econ Mode can reduce power and responsiveness in favor of fuel efficiency but in this instance, you could end up using more fuel and make your vehicle work harder with it activated.
  • Hot Days: Being that Econ Mode lessens the performance of your air conditioning system in favor of better fuel economy, it is best to not activate it on very hot days. This can lead to hotter temperatures inside the vehicle, and it may also cause your A/C system to work harder than needed, which can potentially reduce fuel economy.

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When to Press the Honda Econ Button

Being that you already reviewed when NOT to use Honda Econ Mode, we can keep this part short and sweet.

  • Cruising at a steady pace on the highway
  • Normal city driving conditions
  • Areas where the terrain remains relatively flat
  • You aren’t towing anything
  • On days that aren’t unbearably hot and you won’t need to use max A/C for long

Getting everything you desire out of Honda’s fuel-efficient cars is easy when you take advantage of Econ Mode. Almost every vehicle in Honda’s lineup– including the Civic, Accord, and CR-V– has been outfitted with an Econ Button, and when you activate this feature you’ll save money on fuel wherever you go now that you know when you should and shouldn’t use it for optimal performance. Even Honda Hybrids, like the Honda Insight and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, offer an Econ Mode to further their environmental friendliness. We can guarantee that there’s something in this lineup for everyone!

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