Why Sell It Yourself?

October 6th, 2020 by

Why Sell It Yourself?


Your Mid-Michigan Honda Dealer Wants to Buy Your Used Vehicle


Even if It’s Not a Trade-In

It’s a common misconception that Car Dealers are only interested in trade-ins.

Far from the truth. In fact, used cars in Michigan have never been more in demand and Honda Dealers are eager to purchase any used vehicle regardless of make, model, age, mileage or condition.

Selling Your Used Car Yourself Can Be a Hassle

Sure, you can head over to the hardware store, buy a “For Sale” sign and sell your car to a stranger in a parking lot, while handling all the paperwork yourself and hoping the check clears. But really, don’t you have better things to do with your time? Your Honda Dealer offers peace of mind for used car transactions in a totally secure environment.

Honda Dealers Are Offering Top Dollar for Used Vehicles

Wondering how much your vehicle is worth? With one quick inspection, we’ll offer you a fair and competitive price. We want your vehicle and we want you to be happy with the price.

Selling Your Car to Your Honda Dealer is a Breeze

We’ll make the entire process easy, profitable and painless. No need to detail and prep your car yourself. We’ll handle all the paperwork. No need for you to stand in line at the Secretary of State office. All you need is the title and the keys.

Make an Appointment or Just Stop in Today

Our friendly and helpful sales staff are ready to assist and ensure that selling your used vehicle will be effortless. Contact your nearest Mid-Michigan Honda Dealer

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